The French Industrial Portfolio is a portfolio of 10 office/industrial parks located in established commercial locations throughout France and comprising more than 300 units of varying ages with a total leasable area of approximately 2.8 million square feet. The portfolio provides for a strong diversity of income across a wide range of tenants with no one tenant representing more than 5% of total income. Further, 44% of the rental income is produced by assets in the Paris area, 23% is produced by assets in the Marseille area (second largest French city) and 22% by assets in the Lyon area (third largest French city). Several of the key have significant longer-term redevelopment potential.


Ile de France

Parc le Péripole: 495,000 SF
Parc Louis Roche: 322,800 SF
Parc de Verrières : 140,000 SF
Parc Hightec 1, 2 & 3 : 86,100 SF
Parc du Mandinet: 129,100 SF


Parc de Bastide Blanche: 326,000 SF
Parc de Marseille-Sud: 194,000


Parc de Limonest: 263,600 SF
Parc de l’Isle d’Abeau: 328,200 SF


Parc de Bruges: 516,500 SF